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Six hours walking excursion to Sidi Kaouky

6 hours
60 per person
Six hours walking excursion to Sidi Kaouky
Virgin and immaculate nature, the infinite ocean, many animals in semi-freedom and various migratory birds: the timeless beauties of Sidi Kaouky.
You will encounter important historical sites, fishing villages and towering dunes.

A path that leaves no time for boredom, a very beautiful and challenging stop to visit the surroundings of Essaouira guided by an expert guide, in complete safety and with very well-made explanations on fauna, flora and history, as well as the local culture.

A lunch break, simple and rich sharing the beauty of this day.

It will be a day not to be forgotten.


A free shuttle is available, at one of the collection points: Moulay Hassan Square, Bab Marrakech, Bab Doukkala, or you can designate another collection point from where it can pick you up and then bring you back once the tour is over.

For those who are motorized, it will be easy to reach the Ranch de Diabat, located just 3 km from the city center, the map and the GPS point will be sent to you by email, you can park in complete tranquillity in the private parking of the Ranch.

Upon your arrival at the Reception, you will be greeted by our staff who will show you the route you are going to take and will introduce you to your guide.

Leaving the Ranch de Diabat you will take the road that runs along the Qsob river, where you can admire the different migratory birds and other sedentary birds, and from here you will immediately arrive at a historical site included in the Unesco heritage: the palace of Sultan Moulay Ben Abdallah, where you can walk among the vestiges of this splendid ancient palace and listen to the story that your guide will be able to tell you.

From here to the beach, through the wonderful dunes, from which you can admire the ocean as far as you can see. Descending you will arrive at the Portuguese Castle, built by the Phoenicians as a guard outpost for ships arriving from the coast.

Continuing south, you can visit the mimosa and eucalyptus forest. Between ups and downs on the sandy ground, you will arrive at an ancient well where the animals drink, and it is therefore common to cross groups of sheep and goats, dromedaries, cows and calves and donkeys.

Your guide will prepare you a tea on a wood fire as per nomadic tradition.

You can continue along the immense beach in a southerly direction, where you will meet a small fishing village in wooden houses overlooking the sea, and nearby the fresh water springs that flow from the beach.

You will climb to the high sand dunes of Cap Sim, where you will see the white lighthouse that helps the ships return to the port of Essaouira, and behind the wind turbines of the wind farm that gives electricity to the region.

Arriving at the top of the dunes you can admire two seas, one behind you made of sand and the other in front of you made of water, an incredible spectacle!

You will descend towards a natural cave carved by the sea, studded with many stones smoothed by the sea currents, a unique spectacle. It will be time to get comfortable, admire the ocean and enjoy lunch.
A choice of grilled chicken menu, with variegated salad, seasonal fruit, handmade bread, and soft drinks. Otherwise the menu for vegetarians will be offered on the occasion and we will be attentive to your possible food allergies that you report to us.

From here you will go up again to the village of Ouessen, which will give you a breath-taking view over the bay of Sidi Kaouky and Taguenza.

You will descend through a path traced by the scrub of small shrubs to the beach, you will cross an ancient well and shortly after the new fishing port of Taguenza, where on the beach are boats of different colours, fishermen who animate the area helping each other with a tractor to put the boats in the water or to take them back from the sea with fresh fish.

Shortly after you will arrive in Sidi Kaouky in the center of the village known for world-class water sports: surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Here the shuttle will take you back to Essaouira for a well deserved rest, full of beautiful pictures and memories and many photographs.

Get ready

  • Level: to take part in this excursion you must be in good physical condition to be able to walk on variable terrain between soft and hard sandy, with ups and downs and for a duration of about 6 hours with a stop, and between 27 and 30 km of route traveled.
  • Clothing: To participate in this walking tour, bring comfortable long or short trousers and closed shoes, a 10-15 liter backpack with water, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, Nordic walking sticks are recommended for those who want it.
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Six hours walking excursion to Sidi Kaouky
Six hours walking excursion to Sidi Kaouky
Six hours walking excursion to Sidi Kaouky
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A path dedicated to the sea, dunes, historical and natural sites
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