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Where we are

Ranch de Diabat is located in Essaouira, Morocco.
Ranch de Diabat is located in Essaouira, Morocco.
Ranch de Diabat is located in Essaouira, Morocco.
Ranch de Diabat is located in Essaouira, Morocco.

Where we are

Essaouira, otherwise known as Mogador or the Pearl of the Atlantic.

Essaouira is a small town in southern Morocco, 170 km from Marrakech and 170 km north of Agadir, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of the Canary Islands.

Essaouira currently has 80,000 inhabitants and an ancient history.

First dominated by the Phoenicians and Berbers and then the Romans arrived, interested in the trade in purple dye.

Later Portuguese sailors renamed it Mogador.

During this period the Jewish community flourished in Essaouira, which was more numerous than the Muslim one.

In 1764 Essaouira became a fortified naval base and the French military architect Théodore Cornut redesigned its structure, which we find similar to Saint Malo in the north of France.

The city's economy grew thanks to the Jewish community and the port, which became international. Unfortunately, it declined under the French protectorate and with the development of other ports such as Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir.

The city regained its splendour thanks to tourism, culture and music.

The Medina of Essaouira, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is wonderful to visit and hides rare gems of ancient culture and history.
The Casbah is the fortified citadel that protects the port, with crenellated walls on which are Spanish cannons from the 17th and 18th centuries. In the grounds below are the workshops of the woodcarvers, who work ebony, cedar and thuja with great skill.

The Mohammed Ben Abdallah Museum is dedicated to regional arts and traditions with musical instruments, collections of jewellery, carpets and typical costumes. The Mellah or Jewish quarter, which is currently being restored, houses the cemetery where Rabbi Haim Pinto is buried, and the Synagogue, which is open for visits and run by a local family.

It is a pleasure to get lost in Essaouira's Medina and explore these alleyways full of craftsmen and workshops from bygone days, young inventors, musicians, painters and the many artists who populate it.

On the large Moulay Hassan Square you will find delightful cafés where you can sit and listen to street musicians and enjoy the song of the seagulls. On the same square, fish grills offer a daily choice of freshly caught fish, which are grilled or fried on the spot.

Entering the part of the souk (market) we go towards the real life of every day, with the trade of fruit, vegetables, meat and then we arrive at two renowned squares, one on the left named spice market and fish place, respectively ''souk laghzal'' and ''blast l’hout'' and on the right the market for grain and used things, respectively ''Rahba'' and ''Jouteya''.

For an optimal visit of the Medina, it is advisable to go to the guides office located at the door of Bab Sbaa, to be accompanied by an authorized guide, who will explain in your language, the history of Essaouira, making you live a magic moment.

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Ranch de Diabat is located in Essaouira, Morocco.
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