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Camel Ride 3h with tea

3 hours
40 per person
Camel Ride 3h with tea
Spending half a day on the back of a dromedary, guided by an exceptional instructor, will be one of the most memorable experiences of your holiday.

You will be able to observe how these docile animals are trained, to understand the ancestral essence of a breed that has crossed deserts for thousands of kilometres, tireless and always at their owner's side.

The saddle we have patented is of absolute comfort so that you can sit comfortably and at the same time enjoy the unique landscapes.

Starting from the Ranch de Diabat, you will ride through the mimosa and eucalyptus forest to the great dunes that stand majestically in front of the ocean, and down on the shore you will watch the freshwater springs gush out of the ground and meet the fishermen who live there seasonally.

Heading north, you'll pass the beautiful Mogador Island and the Portuguese Castle, then follow the banks of the Qsob River to the beautiful Black Sultan's Palace.


A free shuttle will be at your disposal, meeting you in one of the following collection points: Moulay Hassan Square, Bab Marrakech, Bab Doukkala. You can also designate another collection point in the city, so that our driver can pick you up and bring you back at the end of the activity in the right place.

For those who are motorized, it will be easy to reach the Ranch de Diabat, located only 3 km from the city centre, you will be sent the map and the GPS point by email, and you will be able to park quietly in the private parking of the Ranch.

Your guide will explain you how to get on the dromedaries, which will be ready to take you for a ride in a seated position. With the help of the footrest, you can easily climb onto the comfortable saddle, designed and manufactured by the Ranch de Diabat for the maximum comfort of its clients during the ride.

Once you're on the dromedary, you'll be in the caravan, heading towards the beautiful and lush forest of mimosa and eucalyptus trees, where you'll be able to meet many land tortoises, and collect the berries and leaves of the eucalyptus tree to make a decoction and balsamic vapours to use in case of colds.

The terrain in this forest is sandy and full of ups and downs, taking you sometimes into small hollows and sometimes up hills overlooking the enchanting view, a true paradise for the eyes.

Continue to the dunes and the beautiful beach, where you can experience the thrill of walking in the ocean water from above these majestic animals with their long, dynamic legs.

On the shoreline at low tide you will find freshwater springs bubbling up, where semi-wild animals go to drink every day and where your dromedary friends can quench their thirst.

Nearby you will notice wooden huts, which serve as seasonal homes for local fishermen, who often offer fresh fish at a reasonable price and, if you wish, you can buy it and grill it in the evening.

Continuing in a northerly direction, you can admire the Portuguese Castle and get a close-up view of Mogador Island with its mosque and ancient prison. From here, along the banks of the Qassob River, you will visit the Palace of Sultan Moulay Abdallah, which was the setting for several films and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To remember: the dromedary is a peaceful animal, the walk takes place in a caravan, one behind the other, the saddles are comfortable, it is not necessary to wear a protective helmet, the route touches on interesting historical and naturalistic points and is made to admire the landscape and nature, learn about the history and some interesting anecdotes, and get in touch with our way of training dromedaries, in a natural and ethological way.

Get ready

  • Experience level: No experience is necessary to take part in this excursion.
  • Clothing: Recommended clothing for this excursion is casual, shorts are also possible and flip-flops; in case of wind, it is recommended to wear a light jacket that protects from the wind and a scarf, as well as sunglasses.
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Camel Ride 3h with tea
Camel Ride 3h with tea
Camel Ride 3h with tea
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Half a day in the company of this splendid animal
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