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Dromedary Tour with overnight stay in a Berber tent

1 day 1 night
140 per person
Dromedary Tour with overnight stay in a Berber tent
Please Note: The Bivouac is only possible with a reservation and sending of passports 2 weeks before the activity, as requested by the competent authorities of Essaouira

Have you ever thought you could feel like a Touareg for a whole day? Here is your chance to immerse yourself in a semi-nomadic life, in contact with an animal as docile and intelligent as the Dromedary.

You will spend an unforgettable day passing by several historical UNESCO heritage sites, such as the Black Sultan's Palace and the Portuguese Castle.

You'll watch seasonal migratory birds along the banks of the Qsob River and enter a dense forest of mimosa and eucalyptus, until you reach the magnificent dunes of Cap Sim, which will leave you amazed by the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.

You'll meet fishermen who live in small wooden huts by the sea and you'll be able to see animals in semi-freedom, drinking from the freshwater springs that flow from the beach at low tide.

You will enjoy a delicious picnic, specially prepared according to your food allergies or preferences, to be eaten freely along the way.

At the end of the day, sheltered from the wind, you will arrive by car at the camp and you will be welcomed with a real mint tea and pastries, before going under the Berber tent to discover a 100% Moroccan dinner: tagine of meat or fish or vegetables, bread and fruit.

The evening will be enlivened by a beautiful bonfire and the sounds of drums, as well as stories from our staff.

After a night under the Berber tent, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast: bread, yoghurt, cheese, orange juice, coffee, milk and tea, before returning to the Ranch de Diabat.

You will return by car the following morning, as the bivouac is located 30 km away from the Ranch de Diabat.


You will have the possibility to be picked up in Essaouira by the free shuttle at one of the collection points which are: Moulay Hassan Square, Bab Marrakech, Bab Doukkala, or another designated pick-up point located in the town so that our driver can pick you up and bring you back at the end of the activity at the right place.

For those who are motorized, it will be easy to reach the Ranch de Diabat, located only 3 km from the city centre. You will be sent the map and the GPS point by email, and you will be able tp park quietly in the private parking of the Ranch.

When arriving in the reception, you will be welcomed by our staff who will introduce you to your guide.

This walk is suitable for adults and even small children, who will be able to ride on the same dromedary as their parents at a reduced rate.

Your guide will explain to you how to get on the dromedaries, which will be ready to take you for a ride in a seated position. With the help of the footrest, you can easily climb onto the comfortable saddle, designed and manufactured by the Ranch de Diabat for the maximum comfort of its clients during the ride.

Once you're on the dromedary, you'll head off in a caravan towards the beautiful and lush mimosa and eucalyptus forest, where you'll be able to meet many land tortoises, and collect the berries and leaves of the eucalyptus tree to make a decoction and balsamic vapours for use in case of colds.

The terrain in this forest is sandy and ups and downs, sometimes leading you into small hollows and sometimes up hills overlooking the enchanting view, a true paradise for the eyes.

Continue towards the dunes and the beautiful beach, where you can experience the thrill of walking in the ocean water from above these majestic animals with their long, dynamic legs.

On the shoreline at low tide you will find freshwater springs bubbling up, where semi-wild animals go to drink every day and where your dromedary friends can quench their thirst.

Nearby you will notice wooden huts, which serve as seasonal homes for local fishermen, who often offer fresh fish at a reasonable price, and if you wish you can buy it and grill it in the evening.

To round off the beautiful day a picnic lunch that you will take with you in your saddlebags, consisting of: a variety of salads, chicken kebabs to be cooked at lunchtime, seasonal fruit, bread, water and soft drinks and, of course, moroccan tea freshly prepared over a wood fire.

Vegetarian menu consisting of: varied salad, zaalouk (Moroccan aubergine starter), courgette meatballs, bread, water and soft drinks and freshly brewed tea over a wood fire.

Continuing in a southerly direction, you will come to an enchanting sea of huge sand dunes, with a lighthouse in the distance called Cap Sim.

Continuing in a northerly direction, you can admire the Portuguese Castle and get a close-up view of Mogador Island with its mosque and ancient prison. From here, along the banks of the Qassob River, you will visit the Palace of Sultan Moulay Abdallah, which was the setting for several films and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To remember : the dromedary is a peaceful animal, the walk takes place in a caravan formation, one behind the other, the saddles are comfortable, it is not necessary to wear a protective helmet, the route touches interesting historical and naturalistic points and is made to admire the landscape, nature, learn about history and some interesting anecdotes, and get in touch with this sweet animal, in a natural and ethological way.

On your arrival at the Berber camp, you will find the camp prepared for the occasion, your typical tent ready to welcome you and your luggage, which you will have left in the morning at the reception of the Ranch, waiting for you inside the tent.
You can take a shower with lukewarm water and have some time to relax and take a walk along the sea below the cliff where the bivouac will be set up.

Dinner will be prepared by our cook, who will delight you with typical Moroccan dishes, taking into account any food allergies you may have communicated beforehand.

In the morning, a hearty breakfast, before saying goodbye to the bivouac to return by car to the Ranch de Diabat, the dromedaries will return with their own dedicated transport, as the bivouac site is located 27 km away from the Ranch de Diabat.

This hike can start at 10am, and arrival at the bivouac is at 4.30pm, or you can arrive at the bivouac at sunset and start later in the morning, depending on the season and the hours of light.

Get ready

  • Experience level: No experience is necessary to take part in this excursion.
  • Clothing: Recommended clothing for this excursion is casual, shorts are also possible and flip-flops; in case of wind, it is recommended to wear a light jacket that protects from the wind and a scarf, as well as sunglasses. 
  • Your bivouac is equipped with a warm water shower
  • Meals : your meals are prepared by our chef, who will make you discover the richness of Moroccan cuisine. The menu takes into account participants' special diets or food allergies, which will all be communicated in the registration form.
  • Regarding the recharging of your mobile phones and cameras, we recommend that you have a Power Bank, because electric recharging via the truck cannot always be available for all.
  • In order to accommodate you in the bivouac we need an autorisation from the tourism delegation, based on your passport. It takes about two weeks to get this permission. Please plan your bivouac or activity + bivouac in advance.

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Dromedary Tour with overnight stay in a Berber tent
Dromedary Tour with overnight stay in a Berber tent
Dromedary Tour with overnight stay in a Berber tent
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