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Quad Tour 2h on the big dunes

2 hours
45 per person
Quad Tour 2h on the big dunes
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A breath-taking two-hour quad bike ride, dedicated to nature lovers, beautiful desert-style landscapes, and with a fun side when you reach the large dunes of Cap Sim.

An excursion suitable both for groups of friends and families with young children. Your guide will adapt the route and the stops to suit the participants, finding the right vantage points for unforgettable photographs and brightening your day with intense emotions to tell.

A quad bike excursion that touches on both important historical sites and interesting wildlife, a winning combination for guaranteed fun.


Through our free shuttle service you can reach the Ranch de Diabat, starting from one of the collection points which are: Moulay Hassan Square, Bab Marrakech, Bab Doukkala or you can designate another pick-up point located in the city so that our driver can pick you up and bring you back at the end of the activity.

For those who are motorized, it will be easy to reach the Ranch de Diabat, located only 3 km from the city centre, you will be sent the map and the GPS point by email, you can park quietly in the private parking of the Ranch.

Upon arrival at the reception, you will be welcomed by our staff who will show you the safety instructions regarding the quads, and you will be able to fill out the rental contract and meet your instructor who will help you choose the right size helmet.

Before departure, your guide will give you a short driving test to reassure you before departure and to put you at ease, after which you will be ready to set off on this beautiful quad bike excursion.

Leaving the Ranch de Diabat, you will find yourself on a dirt road along the Qsob river, home to several species of birds, both migratory and resident. Switching off your engines, you can observe and photograph them from behind some bushes.

Continuing on the same road, you will arrive at the ocean in a few minutes. Diabat Ranch is located very close to the sea and is an ideal starting point for all kinds of excursions.

You will take the southern direction across the long beach, where on your left you will see the first dunes, behind them the mimosa and eucalyptus forest, and on your right the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean with its waves at the pace of the trade winds.

You will arrive at the large dunes called Omar dunes, and after a short while at a village of fishermen who seasonally live in small wooden huts facing the sea: it is not unusual to be invited to have a tea, the people here are really friendly and welcoming.

Not far away are the incredible freshwater springs which gush out from the beach, and where at low tide semi-freed animals go to drink.

You will reach the highest point of this excursion, the great dunes of Cap Sim, which look like an expanse of sandy waves in constant movement thanks to the Essaouira wind.

The magic and the beautiful energy emanating from this place are tangible, behind you the beautiful lighthouse of Cap Sim which guides the ships off the coast towards the port of Essaouira, and in front of you the Atlantic Ocean.

Two seas border each other, one made up of high dunes and the other of waves, a real magic.

Before returning, there are two more important stops along this beautiful route: on the beach you can admire the ruins of the Portuguese Castle, built by the Phoenicians to watch for approaching ships, and the island of Mogador with the remains of the prison and the minaret of the mosque where the Eleonora falcon breeds, now a protected area.

Get ready

  • Level: To take part in this excursion it is not necessary to have a quad level or a driving licence
  • Clothing: Recommended clothing is long trousers and closed-toe shoes and a light jacket to protect against the wind.
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Discovering the great dunes of Cap Sim, an ocean of magical dunes surrounded by the Atlantic
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