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Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party

2 days 2 nights
545 per person
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Please Note: The Bivouac is only possible with a reservation and sending of passports 2 weeks before the activity, as requested by the competent authorities of Essaouira

The quad tour lasts 2 days and 2 nights - one of which in a bivouac and one in the hotel, a party and all meals included, from Friday morning to Sunday morning.

Let yourself be guided by the Ranch de Diabat in Essaouira which, thanks to its many years of experience, will be able to enhance a beautiful path surrounded by nature, which you can cross by quad.

You can enjoy this experience on a quad bike in complete calm, respecting the flora and fauna, arriving at breath-taking panoramic points, wild beaches where the only protagonists will be you.

Let yourself be pampered by our cook who will delight you every day with Moroccan specialties, always attentive to your tastes and any food intolerances that you will report to us at the time of registration.

Friday night in the Moroccan Bivouac will be a unique experience to live, Berber tents with mattresses and rugs on the ground, and a curtain for the kitchen.
The evening bonfire and the animation of the bongos and improvised dances will make the atmosphere unforgettable.

Let yourself be amazed by the Saturday night party, which, like in a movie, will catapult you into a location of style, relaxation and good energy. Not only will you be cheered by excellent music typical of Essaouira: Gnawa music, but also by talented fire-breathers who will leave you speechless.

Finally, let yourself be pampered by the high quality Organic menu that will be served during the shows, a real treat, suitable for adults and children.

The last night will be in a nice Riad near the Ranch de Diabat, before saying goodbye at the end of this fantastic weekend.


At your disposal our free shuttle, which leaves from one of the collection points: Moulay Hassan Square, Bab Marrakech, Bab Doukkala or you can designate another collection point that is in the city so that our driver can pick you up and bring you back at the end of the activity.

For those who are motorized, it will be easy to reach the Ranch de Diabat, located just 3 km from the city center, the map and the GPS point will be sent to you by email, you can park in complete tranquillity in the private parking of the Ranch.

Day 1: 

Upon your arrival at the Reception, you will be greeted by our staff who will show you the safety instructions regarding the quads, and you can fill out the rental contract and meet your instructor who will help you choose the helmet of your size.

The recommended clothing is long trousers and closed shoes, and a light jacket that protects from the wind.

Your guide will give you a short driving test aimed at reassuring you before departure and to put you at ease, at the end of which you will be ready to leave for this beautiful excursion with the quad.

Your luggage will follow you in the truck, so think about taking a small backpack with the necessary for the day: sunscreen, sunglasses, scarf, a jacket against the wind.

You will skirt the Qsob river, you will be able to photograph the birds that populate it, some seasonal migrants and others sedentary throughout the year.

You will arrive at the Castle of Sultan Moulay Ben Abdallah, included in the Unesco heritage, where your guide can give you several interesting historical explanations.

Once you arrive on the immense 27-kilometer beach, you can approach the ruins of the Portuguese Castle, built by the Phoenicians to spot ships arriving from the sea, from which you can also observe the island of Mogador with its still intact prison and the minaret of the mosque, where the Eleonore falcon reproduces and is at home.

You will meet the dunes of Omar, and not far away a small village of seasonal fishermen, as well as the special sources of fresh water gushing from the sand at low tide, the magic of nature.

You will arrive at the huge dunes of Cap Sim, with its white lighthouse that guides the ships towards the port of Essaouira, and in front of the boundless ocean.

You can have fun going up and down, always paying the utmost attention to follow in the footsteps of your accompanying guide, who knows the route perfectly.

You will arrive at an exceptional panoramic point, called the Cave, where there is a small natural shelter, adapted to accommodate those who want to stop and have a Moroccan mint tea, all with a view of the ocean to lose your head.

Not far from the village of Ouessen, an incredible vantage point on the bay of Sidi Kaouky, where you will descend slowly through a small vegetation until you reach the point where you can enjoy your lunch.

The meal will be organized by our staff for a private lunch break on the beach, the menu can be of sea or land depending on the season and will also be agreed on the basis of any food allergies or tastes of the participants.

After lunch, you will quad ride through the village of Sidi Kaouky, known for water sports such as kitesurfing, wind surfing and surfing. From here you will cross a wild beach, arrive at the designated point to spend the night, with a sea view and an unmissable sunset.

The arrival at the bivouac is scheduled at 4 pm and, depending on the season, you will have time to relax on the beach, take a bath while paying attention to the ocean currents, and then return to the bivouac located on the cliff a two-minute walk from the beach , and take a lukewarm shower, settle in your Berber tent that the staff has prepared for you, with rugs, mattresses on the ground, pillows and blankets.

The cook will be preparing dinner at the moment, typical Moroccan cuisine that will take into account any food allergies or particular tastes previously communicated.

At dinner served, a nice bonfire and bongos to enliven the evening, observing the starry or lunar sky. Without light sources around it will be even more magical.

Day 2: 

In the morning a hearty breakfast, before leaving for a second day of incredible emotions.

After having finished the preparations and having fixed on the quad the backpack with the necessary for this last wonderful day (you will find the luggage at the Ranch de Diabat transported by the truck), a new restart in a southerly direction.

You will go along the beautiful and long and unspoiled south beach of Sidi Kaouky, surrounded by dunes on the left and high ocean waves on the right, low-cut shrubs can be seen behind the dunes.

This will take you to the small Sidi Mbarek waterfalls, where a photo stop is a must.
Depending on the season of the year, the waterfalls can have more or less water, which flows up to the estuary on the ocean in a very suggestive mini valley, surrounded by a mountain that opens in a V on the small river, with grey rocks and with small shrubs along the whole valley.

The walk that takes you from the waterfalls to the estuary is short but very suggestive, at a certain point you will also find a wall completely covered with sand, where children often play by rolling around, in fact it is usual to meet shepherds with sheep, or children who live in the surroundings.

In front of the falls, looking up, you can walk up to the white Marabou, a sacred place where in ancient times people used to turn to pray, bringing gifts, in the hope of seeing their prayers come true.

Starting again, you will climb the hill with the quads until you reach the cliff that will lead you into a forest of Argan trees, which make the region one of the most famous for the production of Argan oil.

You will return to the cliffs with a beautiful view of the ocean from above, and with myriads of deserted mini beaches where you want to camp and stay.

You will arrive at the beach of Iftane, small and enchanting: it will be like a vision, a couple of fishermen's houses are set in the rocks of the mountain that drops down to it and some fishermen throw their nets or put their fishing boat in the water. of a day.

A short relaxing stop where you can have lunch immersed in a wild and uncontaminated nature, and maybe take a bath while being careful of the ocean currents.
Lunch will be prepared by our cooks in the morning and you will take it with you inside the big quads saddlebags, your guide will set up a shelter, arranging the tablecloth and setting the table. Always different and typical menu, which takes into account your tastes and any food intolerances that you can report to us at the time of booking.

You will climb aboard the quads to go up the steep cliff and greet this breath-taking panorama.

You will have to cross the Argan forest again to get to the track that will lead you to the Sidi Mbarek souk, and from there to Sidi Kaouky and Ouessen.

Returning to the north direction, you will cross the wind farm to the large dunes of Cap Sim and, once crossed, you will enter the eucalyptus forest through a small white track that will take you past the fishing village and get you to the southern Essaouira beach. .

You will pass by the Sultan's Palace, until you return to the Ranch de Diabat where you will leave the quads to rest on the terrace and enjoy a well-deserved tea, dried fruit and popcorn.

You can wash in the toilets and settle in the ranch and rest on the terrace and on the lawn of the dam next to the horse stables, waiting for the evening surprise.

Private dinner with Gnawa music and jugglers

You will have the entire Ranch at your disposal, in the courtyard in front of the horse stables, for this wonderful private party with entertainment and excellent organic cuisine.

The decorations, the red carpets, the poufs, the low tables in copper and wood, the candelabra, the straw balls, the soft lights, the braziers with burning wood and a beautiful table set just for you in exclusivity.

During the evening, fire-breathing groups will alternate with acrobatics and magic games with fire and
the group of musicians Gnawa, who will take you to explore an ancestral music full of sensations, with their silver castanets, the hat with the pom pom and the dancing acrobatics.

You will be offered a Menu from Organic Farming:
For adults:
Lobster salad or lobster cigars
Fish megdoul with organic vegetables from the garden
Farm yogurt mousse with seasonal fruit coulis

For children:
Briouate of vegetables
Breaded fresh fish fillets and potato croquettes
Farm milk caramel cream

Mint tea and soft drinks for everyone.
At the end of the beautiful evening, the shuttle will take you to the nearby Riad Zahra, which will host you for the night in its comfortable rooms decorated in an Andalusian and Moroccan mélange.

Get ready

  • In order to accommodate you in the bivouac we need an autorisation from the tourism delegation, based on your passport. It takes about two weeks to get this permission. Please plan your bivouac or activity + bivouac in advance.

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Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
Quad weekend and night in a Berber camp + party
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