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3 hours Horse Ride

3 hours
40 per person
3 hours Horse Ride
The 3-hour horseback excursion is suitable for all equestrian levels, our instructors will be able to manage the group thanks to their experience and the meekness of our Arab Berber horses, trained for each type of rider.

The 3-hour horseback excursion starts from the Ranch, where you will be instructed on how to ride a horse.

Leaving the Ranch de Diabat, you will leave towards the mimosa and eucalyptus forest, through the dunes, and you will arrive at the beautiful wild beach where you can gallop (according to your equestrian experience), and breathe the iodine of the Atlantic Ocean.
Gradually you will approach a small fishing village, continuing on a wild and uncontaminated beach, until you reach the fresh water springs gushing from the beach, where many animals in semi-freedom usually go to drink (cows, donkeys, dromedaries and seagulls ).

From here you will return north towards Essaouira, and before your eyes will open the Portuguese Castle, which once served as a lookout for pirate ships arriving from the coast, now in ruins and at the mercy of the elements, but with an ancestral charm to admire.

You can admire the island of Mogador and observe the ancient prison and the mosque still intact, but unfortunately it is not possible to visit, as the island is home to a rare species of falcon and is therefore a protected nature reserve.

You will continue along the Kassob River, on whose waters you will find seasonal migratory birds of rare beauty. Finally, you will pass on the vestiges of the Sultan Moulay Abdallah Palace, now a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The 3-hour horseback excursion will end at the Ranch de Diabat, where you can rest on the terrace, until the staff will take you to Essaouira via the free shuttle, or you can leave independently if you have arrived with your own vehicle.

It is possible to do the 3-hour horseback excursions made every day of the week by appointment and subject to the availability of teachers and horses.

Riders who wish can participate in the preparation of the horse, starting from cleaning up to saddling before going out for a walk.


There are two ways to reach the Ranch: the free shuttle will pick you up in Essaouira at one of the collection points: Moulay Hassan Square, Bab Marrakech, Bab Daoukkala, or designate another point of your choice in the city, where the driver will come to pick you up and bring you back at the end of the activity.

Otherwise, if motorized, it will be easy to reach the Ranch, 3 km from the city center. When booking the horseback riding package with overnight stay you will be sent the map and the GPS point by e-mail. You can park in complete tranquility in the Ranch's private car park.

You will be welcomed by our staff, who will show you the equestrian safety instructions, and you will be able to fill out the rental contract and get to know your instructor who will help you choose the cap of your size.

The recommended clothing is long trousers and closed shoes. The rider's weight must not exceed 90kg to preserve the health of our Berber Arabian horses.

You will admire the pristine forest of Mimosa and Eucalyptus that has its roots in high sandy dunes, the beautiful ocean beach, the dunes that surround it, the Portuguese Castle, a fishing village, the fresh water springs gushing on the beach, the great dunes, the banks of the Kassob River, the Sultan's Palace and much more.

Get ready

  • Equestrian level: To take part in this excursion it is not necessary to have an equestrian level, beginners are also accepted, but in their case we do not guarantee the possibility of trotting and galloping, which will be examined case by case
  • Clothing: To participate in this horseback riding excursion, please wear long trousers and closed-toe shoes.
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3 hours Horse Ride
3 hours Horse Ride
3 hours Horse Ride
3 hours Horse Ride
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