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10 Horse Riding Lessons

10 lessons of 1 hour
180 per person
10 Horse Riding Lessons
The Ranch de Diabat is primarily an equestrian centre available to everyone, young and old, beginner or expert, for those who wish to follow riding courses and lessons with a team of qualified and professional teachers.

Lessons take place partly inside the Ranch and in the outdoor area of the facility, and partly by going out for rides.

Riding lessons are available every day of the week by appointment and subject to the availability of instructors and horses.


Riding lessons in Essaouira, offered by the Ranch de Diabat, are taught by our instructors who will know how to make you passionate about the art of riding.

The package of 10 horse riding lessons includes 1 hour of riding lessons which starts inside the facility.

Starting with the first approach to the horse where the rider takes care of him and prepares him for the time he will spend with you.

Looking after and caring for the horse in your care is fundamental to beginning to build a relationship on a sensory level:
- smell: letting the horse smell you to get to know you
- touch: touching the horse in the parts he likes to reassure him and prepare him positively for the time spent together, brushing and cleaning his hooves, dressing him with saddle pads, saddle, bridle and bit
sight: be calm in your movements and observe your horse's movements to understand its mood
hearing: listen to his neighing and snorts to understand what he is trying to tell us

The rider's attention during this preparatory and approach phase between man and animal is fundamental in laying the foundations for an understanding and a positive and lasting relationship that will lead to progress for both.

Riding is not just about learning techniques to the rider, but a true give-and-take relationship and emotional exchange between horse and rider, where both should enjoy themselves and feel fulfilled by the time spent together.

After dressing the horse, we will go outside the building to the special area where the instructor will begin to explain the basics of how to ride a horse, what posture to have and how to move in order to be able to go at a pace, then at a trot.

Different techniques can be used each time from the ground or from the saddle in order to arrive at a target acquired for each lesson.

The instructor will decide whether to take you for a short ride along the banks of the river Qsob, to observe how you put into practice the teachings received and, at the same time, to break up the routine and vary the lesson, converting it into equestrian practice after the theory.

At the end, returning to the stables, it is important to thank the horse for the time spent together, for what it has taught us and the patience it has shown us.

To do this we can take off the harnesses and roll him on the ground in the sand, then sprinkle a little fresh water just on his legs to relax his joints, and finally take him to his stall where he will have free access to the water trough and we can reward him with a couple of carrots or some dry bread, which we can bring from home.

For those riders who have the time and want to, it will be possible to spend more time at the stables, close to their horse, to strengthen the relationship and continue the work of observation and learning.

Get ready

  • Maximum weight allowed 90kg  (the organization reserves the right not to admit to the trek who does not declare the real weight, if this exceeds the limit, and no refund will be allowed. The health of the horses takes priority)
  • Equestrian level: To take part in this excursion it is not necessary to have an equestrian level, beginners are also accepted, but in their case we do not guarantee the possibility of trotting and galloping, which will be examined case by case
  • Clothing: To participate in this horseback riding excursion, please wear long trousers and closed-toe shoes.
  • Please note: Lessons must be planned in advance and are valid only for the scheduled dates, in case of absence, only one lesson can be recovered in the same month, beyond this period the unused lessons cannot be recovered

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10 Horse Riding Lessons
10 Horse Riding Lessons
10 Horse Riding Lessons
10 Horse Riding Lessons
10 Horse Riding Lessons
10 Horse Riding Lessons
10 Horse Riding Lessons
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