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Essaouira and Argan oil

The white walls of artisans' workshops make up the unmistakable landscape of Essaouira. Also called Mogador or the Pearl of the Atlantic, it is a town located in southern Morocco, 170km from Marrakech and as many north of Agadir, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of the Canary Islands.

Essaouira and Argan oil

Its main attraction is undoubtedly the Medina, an excellent example of 18th-century European military architecture built in North Africa and perfectly preserved. 

Essaouira is a fishing town, every day in fact hundreds of boats offer not only the spectacle of the colors that stand out in the harbor, but a dip in the flavors and scents of the sea. The port of Essaouira is a lively and somewhat chaotic place, but it represents the true soul of the city.

The views Essaouira offers, with its beaches and historic walls, lend themselves to many activities.

It is an ideal place for those seeking aquatic adventures, as well as horseback riding, picturesque sunset tea rituals, camel rides, or hiking to discover a wonderful territory.

Our Ranch de Diabat offers a wide range of activities you can do in Essaouira, with the option of overnight stays, for any of you who feel like spending dreamy nights under the stars of the African sky while enjoying the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean.

Argan oil production

In the region of Essaouira (and Agadir) there is also another unique feature: hundreds of thousands of hectares of land are covered with Argan trees, famous especially for the production of oil. Argan oil is made from the oily kernel of the fruit, a kind of small hard yellow plum that is harvested in summer. 

When the oil is intended for cooking, which is widely used in Morocco, the almonds are roasted, while they are pressed raw to preserve the oil for cosmetic use. Two to three kilograms of almonds are needed to produce one liter of oil. But partly because of its uniqueness, nothing is lost in production: the pulp of the fruit and leftover almond paste is given to animals, while the rind is used for heating.

Argan Beneficial properties of argan oil

Among the various uses of Argan oil is definitely its dietary use, thanks in part to its richness in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid 34 percent), which give it dietary nutritional values. With its nutty taste, it is very popular in cooking to enhance the flavor of fish dishes, couscous, tagines or condiments. Also, when mixed with roasted almonds and honey, it becomes amlou, the equivalent of peanut butter.

Most of all, however, Argan oil is famous for the many beneficial properties associated with its cosmetic use. 
It cleanses to the face, if applied in the evening; it relieves the pains of rheumatism, if rubbed gently on the affected area; it prevents dry skin, if used before and after bathing or showering; it stimulates tired areas of the body that are losing elasticity, by spreading a few drops and massaging it gently to make it penetrate the skin; it is also useful in nail care, to strengthen nails, and in hair care, to restore vigor. In addition, Argan oil is also used in Morocco for its healing properties in the treatment of chicken pox and juvenile acne. 

In short, you have reasons to come to Essaouira, whether it is to immerse yourself in the local culture, its many activities, or our famous and inimitable Argan oil.

Essaouira and Argan oil
Essaouira and Argan oil
Essaouira and Argan oil
Essaouira and Argan oil
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